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Name:Helga Winter
Birthdate:Dec 2
Location:Moscow, Russian Federation
This is a read-mostly journal. I have a blog (Russian blog, that is) on one of the Russian blogging services and an LJ-account for reading purposes mostly. There's a chance I may write something in here but it's slight.

Now, here's a little about myself. A freelance translator with several Russian publishing houses, a free-time translator for Russian slash fandom, specifically for DueSouth (Fraser/RayK), NCIS (Gibbs/DiNozzo), Supernatural (Dean/Sam), J2 and a few others, occasionally. A lurker by nature. A bit of a writer, too, although it's been a long time since I tried writing fiction (or anything, for that matter) in English. Not that I write that much in Russian, that is. Mostly it's original stories but there's some fanfiction, too.

Single, bi, a slash fan. Welcome :)

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